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In some rare cases, you can grow supernumerary, or extra, teeth. Supernumerary teeth often cause overcrowding and need to be extracted. Board-certified oral surgeons Michael Casillas, DDS; Michael Gissell Jr., DDS, MD; and LaVan Parker III, DDS, offer customized treatment for supernumerary teeth at all five San Antonio Surgical Arts office locations throughout San Antonio, Seguin, and New Braunfels, Texas. If you or your child has overcrowded or extra teeth, call the practice or schedule an appointment online today.

Supernumerary Q & A

What are supernumerary teeth?

Including your four wisdom teeth, you should have 32 permanent adult teeth: the eight incisors at the front of your mouth, four canine teeth, eight premolars, and eight molars. Children should have 20 baby teeth before their adult teeth come in. Any additional teeth are considered supernumerary.

Supernumerary teeth usually emerge with your adult teeth. They can form in multiple areas within your upper and lower jaws and may appear as single teeth or in clusters.

The highly trained team at San Antonio Surgical Arts diagnose supernumerary teeth with digital X-rays and visual exams.

What are the common problems caused by supernumerary teeth?

Supernumerary teeth can cause a number of complications, including:

  • Impaction of both supernumerary and normal permanent teeth
  • Crowding, misalignment, and displacement
  • Trouble chewing
  • Cyst or tumor formation
  • Tooth resorption
  • Tooth pathology

Even if your supernumerary teeth don’t cause disruptive complications, you may find it hard to clean and floss your teeth adequately and develop tooth decay and gum disease as a result.

How are supernumerary teeth treated?

The oral surgeons at San Antonio Surgical Arts remove supernumerary teeth in most cases. If your dentist identifies supernumerary teeth, schedule a consultation at San Antonio Surgical Arts to learn about your extraction options.

If you are concerned about supernumerary teeth and need extraction surgery, call San Antonio Surgical Arts or schedule an appointment online today.