Impacted Canine Specialist

Oral Surgeons located in San Antonio, Seguin, and New Braunfels, TX

Oral Surgeons located in San Antonio, TX & New Braunfels, TX

Your maxillary and mandibular canine teeth are among the most likely to be impacted and not erupt properly. If you have an impacted canine, board-certified oral surgeons Michael Casillas, DDS; Michael Gissell Jr., DDS, MD; and LaVan Parker III, DDS, at San Antonio Surgical Arts have the specialized training and experience to treat the problem. With five offices throughout San Antonio, Seguin, and New Braunfels, Texas, San Antonio Surgical Arts has a clinic nearby so you can get treatment for your impacted tooth. Book your evaluation online or call your closest office directly today.

Impacted Canine Q & A

What causes impacted canines?

Having an impacted canine means the tooth hasn’t fully grown through your gum tissue. The most common reasons for an impacted canine include:

  • Obstruction or overcrowding
  • Genetics or inherited mouth shape
  • Certain head or neck syndromes
  • Tumors or cysts

How are impacted canines diagnosed?

In most cases, your dedicated oral surgeon at San Antonio Surgical Arts can visually inspect your mouth and see your impacted canine. But to determine the severity of your case and what is causing your impaction, they may take digital X-rays.

Your oral surgeon also discusses your symptoms with you, as well as your medical history. Once they have a better understanding of your impaction, they recommend the best course of treatment and explain what to expect.

How are impacted canines treated?

Treating an impacted canine usually encompasses several treatment solutions to help your canine erupt. You may need:

  • Supernumerary tooth extraction
  • Bone or soft tissue removal
  • Braces to make space for eruption

In some cases, an impacted canine can’t or won’t erupt properly. Usually, this issue is more common if you are older as your tooth is likely fused into place by this point. If an impacted canine fails to erupt, causes pain, or becomes infected, it might need to be extracted.

The board-certified oral surgeons at San Antonio Surgical Arts specialize in complex oral surgery procedures such as extractions. If you need to have an impacted canine extracted, your dedicated oral surgeon goes over your options to replace the tooth afterward with a  bridge, dental implant, or other solution.

Learn more about impacted canine solutions offered at San Antonio Surgical Arts by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online today.